League Information

Earl-Bowl Lanes offers a wide variety of leagues through out the year.  Leagues bowl once a week and are offered every day of the week.  Bowlers bowl against eachother on teams and develop an average.

Youth & Adult leagues are available.

Types Of Leagues Offered:

Handicap - Bowlers are ranked based on average in their league. League bowlers bowl against eachother for wins/losses. Teams will have handicap points against other teams.  Each league has it's own bi-laws on how handicap is handled.  Generally handicap is determinded by adding everyones average on your team and compaired against the opposing team. 90% of the difference is given to the lower totaled team to help keep totals fair.

Scratch - Bowlers in a scratch league DO NOT get handicap. They compete against eachother head to head either as a team, individual or both.

Fall / Winter Leagues
Bellow is a list of available leagues Earl-Bowl lanes offers during the fall & winter months.  These leagues generally start at the end of August and run until the end of April
Sunday Night Mixers 6:00PM  Handicap. 4-per. Team
Daubs 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Indian Valley Businessmen 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Buxmont Businessmen 9:00PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Early Birds 9:00AM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Bowlerettes 6:30PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Inter Church 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
U.S. Gauge 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Tuesday Nite Handicap 9:00PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Flower Power 9:00AM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Zodiac 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Koffee Breakers 9:00AM Handicap. 3-per. Team
North Penn Lions 6:30PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Astro 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Majors 9:00PM Scratch. 3-per. Team
Christian Couples 6:30PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
St. Maria Goretti 6:30PM Handicap. 5-per. Team
Youth 9:30AM Handicap. 5-per. Team Ages 7-21
Spring / Summer Leagues
Bellow is a list of available leagues Earl-Bowl lanes offers during the spring & summer months.  These leagues generally start in May and run until the middle of August.
Sunday Doubles 7:00PM  Handicap. 2-per. Team
Youth 7:00PM Handicap. Ages 7+
Youth Bumper 7:00PM Handicap.
Majors 8:30PM Scratch. 3-per. Team
Morning Mixed 10:00AM Handicap. 2-per. Team
Ladies Handicap 7:00PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Men's Handicap 8:00PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Guys & Gals 7:00PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
9 Pin No-Tap 7:00PM Handicap. 4-per. Team
Adult/Child 7:00PM Handicap. 2-per. Team
Adult/Child Bumper 7:00PM Handicap. 2-per. Team
Adult/Child 9:00PM Handicap. 2-per. Team
Youth 10:00AM Handicap. 4-per. Team Ages 7-21